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Braces in Roseburg with Current Orthodontics

Is it Time for Your Child to Have an Orthodontic Check-Up? Visit Current Orthodontics in Roseburg!

There’s an old saying, “Kids don’t come with instruction books,” and sadly – it’s true. So, for all the parents who feel lost when it comes to providing the best orthodontics in Roseburg for your kids, use this as a guide. Orthodontist Dr. Jon Petersen is here to help your child smile! There’s never been a better time for braces in Roseburg.

1) The moment your child gets the first tooth is the moment you should schedule an appointment with a dentist. Doing this sets the stage for your child to feel comfortable around dentists and orthodontists. Not to mention, the dentist can provide a heads up when it comes to how your child’s teeth are coming in.

2) Visiting an orthodontist early – by age seven – can sometimes provide early care that can prevent or lessen the time your child needs braces later in life – like during their teenage years when they want them the least.

The question is: how do you know if your child, whose teeth may seem straight as an arrow, needs to visit Current Orthodontics in Roseburg sooner rather than later? Simply put, your child should see an orthodontist by age 7 even if they don’t have any visible problems with their teeth.



1) Your child lost their baby teeth early
2) Your child lost their baby teeth late
3) Your child sometimes has difficulty chewing or biting into food (not their sibling)
4) Your child is or was a thumb sucker or finger sucker
5) Some of your child’s teeth seem a bit crowded or misplaced
6) Your child’s jaw shifts and makes sounds
7) Your child often bites their cheek or the roof of their mouth
8) Your child’s teeth meet abnormally or not at all
9) Your child’s teeth are out of proportion to the rest of their face, either too large or too small

If you answered yes to more than one of the statements above, consider reaching out to Current Orthodontics in Roseburg for a complimentary evaluation. Roseburg orthodontist Dr. Jon Petersen provides orthodontic treatment options like braces and Invisalign to patients of all ages! Find out why so many people choose Current Orthodontics for braces in Roseburg, and schedule your child’s free consultation today.

Moral of this story: What you can fix now, will make tomorrow a lot easier!