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Teen Treatment

From a medical perspective, typically the best time for you to have orthodontic treatment is when you’re a teenager. Adolescents in most cases have had all their permanent teeth come in, but meanwhile their bodies and faces are still developing. This continuing growth means teeth aren’t set in their places yet and jaw positions are still malleable, offering ideal conditions for us at Current Orthodontics to shape smiles and align bites.

Nevertheless, it can be hard for teenagers to fit orthodontics into their lifestyles. In addition to full days at school and evening hours of homework, our patients are busy with sports, band practice, and other activities.

At Current Orthodontics, we know how busy you are, and so we do everything we can to accommodate your schedule. We put a lot of effort into juggling our patients’ available times into our daily appointment slots, and we also offer weekend appointments. Simply put, we do whatever we can to work around your school days and after-school activities so that you can get the orthodontic treatment you deserve.

We also proudly support Roseburg High School, many sports leagues, and other activities for the youth in our community. At Current Orthodontics, it’s one way that we give back to the people who make our orthodontic practice possible.