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Types of Treatment

You choose the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, and TV shows you watch. Current Orthodontics believes you should also be able to choose which type of orthodontic treatment is right for you.

As medical technology keeps progressing, existing types of braces are improved and new treatments are invented. You have the freedom to decide which treatment works best for your lifestyle and budget.

Not every treatment is appropriate for every clinical issue, but if you get treatment with Current Orthodontics, you still will likely be offered choices. Here is an overview of the different treatments we offer:

Traditional braces

Although metal braces are often called “traditional braces,” they’re more lightweight and comfortable than in previous generations. They tend to be less expensive than other options and are effective on a wide range of cases. For patients who don’t want their orthodontics to be conspicuous, metal braces can be mounted on the backsides of teeth (lingual braces).

Ceramic braces

The color of ceramic braces is similar to the color of teeth, which means they won’t be as noticeable as metal braces. In most other respects, ceramic braces are comparable to traditional braces. They cost the same and are just as effective in straightening teeth and aligning bites.


Invisalign treatments don’t involve braces at all but instead use clear, plastic aligners that fit directly over your teeth. For more information, see our Invisalign page.

Damon braces

Braces use archwires to connect the brackets on your teeth together and guide your teeth into position. While traditional braces hold the archwires in place with rubber bands called ligatures, Damon braces use a sliding mechanism built into each bracket. For patients, this “self-ligating” system means smaller brackets, greater comfort, and easier cleaning. Damon braces also mean fewer—and quicker—office visits.


In addition to orthodontic treatments, we also provide teeth whitening services using a system called Opalescence. The in-office procedure provides better results than any take-home whitening kit and takes less than hour.