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Early Treatment

Do you have a child in first or second grade? Then, it’s time for him or her to come into Current Orthodontics for a free consultation. Seven-years old is the recommended age for all children to have their first orthodontic appointment, according to the American Association of Orthodontists.

Why seven-years old? It is a time when permanent teeth are in the process of erupting through the gums and when orthodontists can get a good picture of how the mouth is developing. We can anticipate future issues and head them off before they become big problems.

For example, a common issue is a child’s jaw may be too narrow to comfortably fit the permanent teeth coming in. In these cases, we take advantage of the child’s growing body and use a device to expand the palate in order to create extra space. Or a child might have a developing crossbite or front teeth that protrude. By seeing children at a young age, we can get a jump on future orthodontic conditions, allowing for shorter and less involved treatments.

Often, children’s mouths are developing fine, and no action is needed. Even if your seven-year old regularly visits a pediatric dentist, you should still check in with us. We’ll coordinate with your child’s dentist to get a complete picture of your child’s oral health.